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Expat Service

Assistance with documents for legal residence and activities in the country
  • Work permit
  • Visa issues
  • Temporary residence permit
  • Permanent residence permit
  • Driver’s License
  • Documentation services
  • Investment Visa
  • Opening bank accounts

The service is that, upon the client's request, the client will be provided with basic advice, options for choosing a visa and the documents necessary for conducting business and stay in the country. If you have all the necessary documents required by local law, GTS will help fill in all application forms, and submit documents to the relevant government agencies. GTS will monitor the control points of receipt of certain documents. After registration of documents, they can be collected at the office of the company and will be issued to the client.

Relocation package
  • Finding an apartment
  • Meeting at the airport

Our company will help you find a carrier company, for meeting your baggage at the airport and transporting it to your destination within the country. Also, the company can provide you with a transfer from the airport to your place of residence within the Kyrgyz Republic. In case of loss of your luggage, our company can help in negotiations to solve the problem with the local offices of airlines. Upon your prior request, GTS can also find you an apartment for rent inside the Kyrgyz Republic, mainly in the city of Bishkek and in certain cases in regions. In doing so, you will receive full information about the analysis of current rental prices to prevent a situation where you could overpay.

International Mail
  • Reception of documents and letters
  • Receiving parcels and luggage
  • Sending letters or parcels to anywhere in the world

Since the office of our company is located in the center of Bishkek, the closest to the main postal services and warehouses of the country, you can use our office address as an address for receiving international letters and parcels. International postal services can send parcels to our address, as they arrive we will notify you of their arrival, and you can pick up parcels and correspondence from our office.

Expert-Finder services
  • Database of English-speaking doctors with a high reputation
  • Database of recommended experts to repair the car
  • Telephone support and translation in communication with local specialists

Often there are situations when it is necessary to find a reputable doctor, a good specialist in repairing cars, to choose household items - refrigerators and other equipment, as well as to find a person who can solve this or that household or technical problem. Based on the personal experience of the service, our company collects a database of the best specialists in the country and in the city of Bishkek, and can help you find the right person to solve exactly in your problem. Also, when communicating with some of the best specialists, those who do not know English GTS can provide a telephone communication service with a specialist with simultaneous translation from English into Russian and Kyrgyz to clarify your problem and to ensure maximum effectiveness of interaction with it.

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